The best age to learn Cidesco

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That’s age 18, when you’ve just finished high school, because:
✔️ You have the advantage of time and the ability to absorb knowledge.
✔️ After graduating, you can immediately use your CIDESCO certificate as a plus point for a visa to go abroad to practice and settle.
✔️ You will become a young – strong – highly qualified human resource, stronger than your competitors, who have even practiced before you.
✔️ You completely save a lot of costs to own a CIDESCO International diploma instead of going abroad to study expensively and away from home.
✔️ Instead of struggling to determine your own development direction after graduating from high school, if you learn CIDESCO early, it means you have determined what path you have to go, you are capable enough to conquer all the top in the profession.
? Therefore, as a young person who is interested in the profession of SPA – Beauty, choose Vo Dung as a companion to help you realize your ambition.